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Health And Safety Training

Health and safety training is an important facility for any health and safety toolbox. A formal training syllabus ensures that the basics are covered while ‘On-the-job’ instruction enhances, clarifies and consolidates formal instruction.

Capabilities and services:
  • Design of formal training systems;

  • Integration of risk assessment and safety audit findings utilising manufacturer operating manuals, incident reports and industry wide concerns;

  • Personal mentoring and on the job guidance for both managers and frontline workers;

  • Facilitating workshop type feedback/discussion sessions;

How we do it

We care as much about the journey of mitigating risk as the end result, because it is only by working through the risks and hazards themselves that people can learn to understand the traps and manage them. Getting a feel for this is as important as knowing what the solutions are. Having the answers on a plate is not the answer; it is also important to know how to implement them. Our training philosophy helps you begin and progress along the journey of continual practical improvement that is practical, collaborative, cost effective, minimalistic and compliant.

Case Study: Collaborative and experiential learning

We were called in to help address a problem of site personnel not following Job Safety Analysis (JSA) risk assessment procedures that was required to mitigate the risk of a potentially serious hazard.

The relevant sub-contractors and site personnel were gathered together at the site of where the work was being carried out. We discussed the meaning of the JSA with the workers as they understood it themselves. It was clear that the JSA had been written without consultation or collaboration with the people doing the work.

Using principles of experiential and collaborative learning, the JSA was rewritten with the help of the workface personnel, using their own words. This resulted in a complete change of attitude. The workers were happy to follow the JSA without hesitation and actively encouraged their colleagues to do the same. Our client was very happy.

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