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Health And Safety Audits

Prosolve Ltd offers a comprehensive set of Health and Safety capabilities which critically evaluate the ability of a workplace system to identify hazards and reduce the risk of accidents occuring.

Capabilities and services:
  • Design of audits and checklists;

  • Preparation for external third party audits;

  • Pre-qualification of contractor H & S capabilities for organisations such as: Auckland hospital board, Auckland council and other large corporations;

  • Accreditation to ‘Pre-qual’ and ‘Sitewise’ qualification systems;

  • Consideration of key safety aspects:

    • Fall protection and working at height risks;

    • Machine guarding and protection;

    • Safe tool use;

    • Safe culture indicators;

    • Worker participation;

  • Close out and action systems.

How we do it

We believe in collaborative and non-confrontational audit processes. While it is important to highlight deficiencies resulting from health and safety audits, we address them collaboratively with stakeholders and workers at the coal face. Often the deficiencies occur because the system is not yet optimal, and to improve it authentically sometimes takes a collective journey, with iterations and trials to finalise standard operating procedures and work safety systems. We see the audit as a start to this journey.

Case study: Review of Health & Safety contractual performance

A construction contractor was in dispute with its client over performance in the area of Health and Safety. The client was attempting to refer to ‘poor health and safety performance’ as a reason for contract termination.  We were engaged by the construction contractor to review its health and safety records and provide an expert opinion.

We were provided health and safety records from the beginning of the contract which included closed out items. These records showed that health and safety audits were carried out twice a month, and included assessment of common physical safety items such as ladder and work platform use, worker training and Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s) for identified hazardous work.

The documentation showed that all of the audits had identified actionable items which the contractor had followed up, addressed satisfactorily and closed out. As a result of this expert opinion, the allegation of ‘poor health and safety performance’ was dismissed.

Articles & Publications

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