Forensic Engineers & Investigators

Expert Witness Testimony

The associates and staff of Prosolve Ltd are skilled and experienced in providing expert testimony in courts of law and other dispute resolution contexts such as international arbitration, mediation and conventional negotiation.  This includes providing advice that would stand up to court scrutiny before a dispute develops and ripens.

We also provide litigation support to lawyers and clients who are contemplating or pursuing legal action. This can include a technical co-ordination role during the litigation process, should there be a requirement for other technical specialists to be sourced and co-ordinated.

Andrew McGregor is an industry leader in expert testimony. He has an on ongoing role in the Arbitrators and Mediator’s institute (AMINZ) training programme for expert witnesses. One of the main purposes of this programme is to train technical specialists to prepare and deliver expert testimony in formal court environments.

A company was prosecuted for causing an environmental catastrophe. The court hearing process had begun and the prosecution’s case had already been heard. The defendant recommended to its lawyers that they engage a forensic engineer to assist in the sourcing and co-ordination of technical specialists, as well as providing expert testimony where appropriate. The lawyers engaged Andrew McGregor who provided the technical co-ordination required as well as some of the forensic expert testimony. Andrew became the lead technical expert. The process was successful and the defendant was acquitted.

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