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From time to time we choose to comment on high profile cases or issues, if we have concerns about the quality of technical information that is publicly reported by investigation agencies or other entities. Sometimes the invitation to comment or the comment itself is by another entity, but is based on information uncovered by our investigative work.and active associates.

ISASI: Lost Opportunities and Thinking illusions

In 2017 Andrew McGregor presented a paper at the International Society of Air Safety Investigators conference in San Diego. The paper was co-authored with Dr Barry Hughes and Captain Simon Tapp. Although the paper was reviewed by a team of ISASI reviewers prior to the conference, ISASI decided against making it available to delegates after the presentation was heard. The reasons why ISASI changed its mind and chose not to make it available, are not fully understood.

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Fox Glacier Investigation bungle

According to the official finding published by New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC), the 2010 Fox Glacier air crash that killed nine people was caused by improper loading of the skydive plane.

In addition to the field investigation with Tom McCready that TV 3 filmed, Andrew McGregor provided a technical critique of the official TAIC report. Read the full story below.

Read Andrew McGregor’s Technical Critique: Fox Glacier Crash Investigation-Technical Critique.

Right to remain silent

This article comments on the attempt by the NZ CAA to charge Paul Jones of “Unnecessary Danger” in 2008. Pacific Wings highlight the problem of using information freely given during a safety investigation, as evidence to support a criminal charge. It is based on the investigative work undertaken during the Devon crash investigation which may be seen at this link.

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