Forensic Engineers & Investigators

Air Accident Investigation

We provide in depth and detailed investigation of air accidents and incidents.  Our capabilities include investigations involving a wide range of rotary and fixed wing aircraft types and may address both operational (flying) and engineering (forensic) aspects of an air accident.

Prosolve Ltd offers comprehensive air accident investigation services that comply with international investigation guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). We have a proven track record of investigating difficult and challenging assignments and command the respect of international authorities. We have succeeded in challenging the findings of official reports and have successfully defended individuals who have been wrongfully charged by New Zealand’s civil aviation regulator. 

It is not possible to investigate air accidents and issue recommendations without considering the sometimes complex and intricate human factors involved. We are able to identify and assess these difficult factors in a manner that properly represents the sensitive interests of those involved in the accident, yet is still able to capture lessons needed to prevent future recurrences.

We recognise the work of notable authors such as James Reason, Sydney Dekker Daniel Kahneman and Nancy Leveson (CAST/STAMP) and have found their contributions invaluable in understanding the complex nature of individual and societal human factors that often contribute to air accidents.

From time to time we challenge the findings of official reports which often lack comprehensiveness and correctness. We include examples of these in our case studies & publications below.

High Profile Air Accident Investigations undertaken by Prosolve Ltd.


On the 3rd of February 2006, A warbirds Devon crashed on landing at Ohakea aerodrome. Fortunately no one was injured…


We were engaged by the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji to investigate the crash of a helicopter that occurred on the day of the military coup in December 2006. As the story below explains the findings from the investigation were internationally significant.
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