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Crash Of A Warbirds Devon

On the 3rd of February 2006, A warbirds Devon crashed on landing at Ohakea aerodrome. Fortunately no one was injured. It had diverted there due to bad weather and the NZ CAA had charged the pilot with “Unnecessary endangerment” which the CAA alleged had crashed because of pilot error and which was supposedly related to the pilot pushing bad weather inappropriately. In May 2008 Andrew McGregor proved in court that the crash was not caused by pilot error but because of a mechanical problem that led to flap asymmetry on the final approach stages. The defendant was acquitted.


Andrew McGregor’s forensic work was invaluable in helping me to defend my innocence. His work was truly comprehensive and compelling; Not knowing why my plane crashed, but being certain that I had acted at all times beyond criticism, I hired Andrew McGregor to determine the cause of the crash and to help defend my innocence against the CAA who had charged me with the criminal offence of “Unnecessary endangerment”. Andrew proved that the crash was caused by a component fracture that had occurred in flight and before the inevitable crash on landing. Forensic science in real life that rivals anything ever shown on a TV who-dunnit. His evidence in court was dynamite. Brilliant! -Paul Jones, Commercial Pilot.

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