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The 2010 Fox Glacier Air Accident Re-investigation

According to the official finding published by New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission, the 2010 Fox Glacier air crash that killed nine people was caused by improper loading of the skydive plane. At least that was the official finding published by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission.

But as TV 3 asked, could that have been wrong? And why was some of the wreckage buried within days of the disaster? Families demanded a new investigation after 3rd Degree reporter Michael Morrah enlisted our help to dig up the remains of the aircraft and look for new evidence.

Andrew McGregor also wrote a report criticising the official report published by NZ’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) and recommended that the original TAIC investigation be re-opened. Under the heading “Justification and Guidance for a Resumed Investigation”, Andrew writes “there is a need for confidence and integrity to return to TAIC’s investigative processes”.

Read Andrew McGregor’s Technical Critique: Fox Glacier Crash Investigation-Technical Critique

The next story is a TV3 news item, advising that as a result of TV3’s earlier documentary and the investigative work by Andrew McGregor and Tom M’Cready, TAIC altered its earlier findings. Read PDF : TAIC wont apologise to Fox Glacier crash victims families

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